A few words about myself

Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany I have not grown up right by the ocean. At age 15, I was away from home, spending six months in New Zealand, where I first fell in love with the ocean. Ever since, all I really wanted was to be in or close to water. With my love for the sea came the anger and frustration when observing human pollution, making nature so much less enjoyable! I have never understood how simple things like taking our garbage with us is not common sense to every single human being on earth! However, I had to learn that many people really are not aware of what impact our actions have... not understanding that we destroy the valuable ecosystems we all depend on to live.  With this realization came my strong wish to be part of the change, to open people´s eyes... - and thank god there is so many brilliant people out there who feel the same!

 Let´s do this together!

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